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Dawn of the Mapmaker Vol.1

Volume Title Dawn of the Mapmaker Vol.1
Light Novel Dawn of the Mapmaker
Publisher Cross Infinite World
Author Akira Nashiki
Illustrator MonoKubo
Volume 1
Release Date July 31, 2018
Pages 215
ISBN-10 1-945341-13-0
ISBN-13 978-1-945341-13-7
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“Knowledge is power, and you shouldn’t possess this knowledge.”

In an age where mapmaking is a lost art, Unen hides her skill from the world at large. But when she accepts a local landlord’s request to survey the boundary between his land and that of a neighboring lord’s, her maps accidentally give away her existence to a master swordsman and a cunning mage—a duo who have been hunting down the man who taught her the forbidden knowledge of mapmaking.

As one of the rare few capable of creating maps with bird’s eye precision, Unen’s fate hangs precariously in the balance as she endeavors to survive in a world of people who want to own her or see her dead.

Source: Dawn of the Mapmaker Series Page