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Of Dragons and Fae English Cover

Volume Title Of Dragons and Fae English Cover
Light Novel Kamiyuishi wa Ryuu no Tsugai ni Narimashita (Yappari Machigai Datta Sou Desu)
Publisher Cross Infinite World
Author Tsukasa Mikuni
Volume 1
Release Date November 12, 2019
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“At last, I’ve found you, my Bondmate.”

As Flowerfolk, I never dreamed of having a fairy tale romance, but I also didn’t expect to be dumped three days after being confessed to by a dragon knight! Spurned and angry, I decided to devote my life to my work as the human princess’s hairstylist, only to find out that the princess was going off to dragon country to marry the Dragonkin prince and taking me with her. Now I have to serve in the same castle as that jerk who dumped me! The princess can have the fairy tale ending, I’m done with romance.

Source: Cross Infinite World