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Kakeru Tobe

Other character
Japanese Name 戸部 翔
Light Novel Yahari Ore no Seishun Rom-Com wa Machigatteiru.
Gender Male
Age 16


Kakeru is a member of Hayato's clique. He is in the football club. He has feelings for Hina and is the only guy in class who supported Hina's script for the cultural festival. During the school excursion, he intends to confess to Hina, and therefore requested help from the service club. However, as Hachiman understands Hina's current stance to not be in a relationship, Hachiman thinks that what's broken can't be mend and thus confessed to Hina ahead of Kakeru. Hina's rejection to Hachiman successfully stopped Kakeru from confessing to Hina and thus maintained the status quo.

Source: Wikipedia