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D/Wakaba Hiro

Other character
Japanese Name デイ/わかば ひいろ
Light Novel Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka?
Gender Female


The creator of the system and self-proclaimed as "The worst evil god", D is one of the most powerful gods and works on the underworld but at some point she got tired and went to Earth to play a little as a High School student known as Wakaba Hiro.

After an explosion caused by the Hero and Demon King on the other world killed all living beings on the classroom D gave them a second life on the other world as a payment but being just matter of time for her boss to notice her absence D sent a little spider to the other world with a fragment of ger soul to fool her boss.

D is known for doing things only because she's bored to the point that the creation of the system was pointless as being D powerful enough to restore the planet just a tiny part of her energy.